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We are a happily married couple looking to play tonight. I am a little bbw (size 18) but pretty face to make up for it. We've had 1 threesome and are wanting more. Please reply and send a pic if interested and we will send one in return . We can start texting or talk on the phone. I really want this tonight... Im tired of hotlist games. encounter secret do it already
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Think about the times you were in presence of a gorgeous woman and the thought of wanting to stroke it in front of her crossed casual encounters mind.You thought: can I do it? What would be her reaction? Would she enjoy seeing my hard dick and furthermore the climax ?? I have come across men who have done it in front of me and enjoyed the sight :)

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~ You want a photo? Send me yours. If you dont have a goatee, and tons of facial hair; If you arent bald, or wearing a military uniform, If you arent half naked, or flat out naked; If you arent 8 years my senior, if you arent wearing a ton of bling, if you dont have dreads or an afro, if you dont look like you just killed my mother in a bloodbath behind 7/11, if you dont look like you just ate 3 of me, you will get a response, WITH many photos and a FB link. Congratulations, you earned it!~ Outgoing~ Friendly~ Confident~ Funny~ Smart~ Super hotIs that what you are looking for? Sorry. It isnt me. I fucking lick.But go ahead and email me casual encounter.com lady lets face it, youre on hotlist. You must be desperate. ;-)
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BLONDES have MORE fun DONT you AGREE??? COME HANG OUT with me.. you wont wanna leave.. IM THICK and curvy, juciy but fit and in shape.. nice round and bouncy booty hazel/green eyes.. and of course beautiful soft blonde hair and baby soft skin AND IM LOOKING FOR A NICE FRIEND THAT I CANT GET TO KNOW!!! SEVEN EIGHT SIX TWO SIX ONE FOUR NINE NINE TWO

Yes... but would you feel the same if your wife was the one being shared? I used to play when I was younger... I had regular couples who liked for me to come over every week...

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I am newly divorced from a rough 30 year relationship. Very blunt but kind. Just looking for someone kind and casual. My kids are grown. We found he's been cheating for 30 yrs and we hand no common interests
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I'm a really calm person i don't take care of drama. I love to have casual sex fun be it something planned as well spontaneous.
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I like asian and european women looking for sexual encounters conversation and have a good sense of humor. Eye contact is important. I like physical contact - holding hands, a touch on the arm - a hand on my back. For me it so leads to more romantic activity, foreplay, of sorts. And it tells me that the person I am with wants to be with me. And, vice-versa, of course.